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"Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen

For the first several weeks of school, the boys in 5th and 6th grade computer lab read "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen.  After we finished the book we created our own Hatchet Museum.  Each student made, drew, or brought an item that represented something from the book.  Then we made descriptive tags that let the museum patrons know a little information about that item.  We were all impressed with how our museum turned out.  Next year we will probably have to charge admission!

  • Boys Computerlab present the
  • Ryan's diorama - a class favorite!
  • Hand made bow and arrows, complete with shoelace bow string
  • Drawings by Corey and Zane
  • More bow and arrows
  • Several items and their descriptions
  • Cody's bullet that was never shot
  • More items
  • Cody's diorama - lots of details in there that you dont get in the photo
  • Some of the guys and their items
  • The rest of the guys and their items
  • Daniel M.'s items
  • Tanner's hatchet
  • Riggin's birchbark
  • Lane's moose, and Ryder's fish spear
  • Jordan's diorama with genuine plane crashing action!
  • Dawson's diorama - (I love the fire)