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About Terry Floyd

About Terry Floyd

My name is Terry Floyd, and  I teach Family and Consumer Sciences at Achille High School. My spouse, Mark Holman, and I live near Cartwright, Oklahoma.   I have three children: Colt Floyd, 27; Crystal Holman, 24; and Lauren Floyd, 21.  I have two grandchildren:  Ethan Colt Floyd, 3, and Chandler Justin Lopez, 1.

My hobbies are gardening, collecting antiques, going to garage sales, and watching birds and squirrels,

I graduated from Clarendon High School in Clarendon, Texas. I attended Texas Tech University and received a Bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences.

 I chose this career because I believe that teaching is second only to parenting as the most important job in the world. My family also played an important role as my grandmother, father, sister and brother were or are educators.  The thing I enjoy most about teaching is working with the students.

                The teaching method I use includes individual activities, research, teams and groups for competitive learning, and a lot of hands-on activities.

I enjoy my job so very much!


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