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Tonya Daniel

Special Education

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Educational History:

I graduated from Bennington Public Schools way back in 1994! I then went on to attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University. 

Degrees and Certifications:

I got my degree in English Education, and then got certified in English, theater, speech, and drama. After eighteen years in the English classroom, I took my certification in Special Education and passed! Yay! I’m now on my fifth year in the special education classroom, and I absolutely love it. 

Current Position:

This is my first year at Achille, and I am so excited to be here. I feel like God had His hand in bringing me to such a wonderful district to work with such lovely people and AMAZING students. 

Previous Position:

In the past twenty-two years I’ve taught at Boswell, Turner, Bennington, and even Durant for a year! I was at Bennington for fifteen of those twenty-two years, so it’s the school with which I most closely associate. 

Family Information:

I met the love of my life in 2012 and David and I were married a year later. Unfortunately, he had cancer, and after 8 years of blissful marriage (I’m not joking, we had the fairytale romance!), he passed away in 2021. We didn’t have children together, but I do have a wonderful stepson named Phillip. I’m also blessed with a whole passel of nieces and nephews, the youngest of whom is my little best friend! (Her name is Blakely and she is currently 5 years old and starting her first year in kindergarten. We are kindred spirits!) I also have a pit bull mix rescue dog named Shortcake. She’s my other best friend!

Personal Information:

When I’m not teaching, I love to play in my jewelry. I sell Paparazzi jewelry (shameless plug!) and have my own home business which is so much fun. I also like to read, of course! #EnglishMajor But my very favorite thing to do is to travel and watch my nieces and nephews in their various activities. Soccer, cheerleading, band, basketball, softball… they seem to do it all, and I love to be there on the sidelines supporting them. 

Tonya Daniel

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