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Ft. Washita ~ Civil War

We took a field trip to the Fort Washita Civil War reenactment.  We learned a lot about how people lived during that time period.  There were living demostrations that showed many different aspects of life during the Civil War.  There were ladies who talked about the laundry business (Alyssa is thinking of starting this business herself now), and a woman who talked about fashonable ladies clothing of that period(who let all the girls know they were underdressed).  There was a gentleman explaining games of chance and entertainment from that time, and another man who talked about the different uniforms.  This second fellow left no doubt that it was hot and itchy in the summer and cold in the winter for the soldiers.  There were people who showed how to fire a canon and others who talked about other aspects about the time.  The kids really enjoyed the trip and we were all glad to get to go.

  • The Confederates are out
  • The Union Army shows up
  • Shots fired!
  • Confederates manuver to the flank
  • Confederate reinforcemnts
  • Reload!
  • Zane plays a game of chance
  • 'Waddya mean, do I want to do some laundry?'
  • Faith learns to do laundry
  • Alyssa caught working!
  • Faith and Hope in uniform
  • Chloe, Ashleigh, and Pepper... a dangerous trio!
  • The three stooges? Ryder, Dawson, Cody
  • Mrs. Hambric gets a doctor visit
  • Makayla and Cassidy... the marching band?
  • Ok, who do you pick to win the battle of the siblings?
  • Lane and his loot
  • Lane... a big fan of Sheila's
  • The Civil War breaks out in the fifth grade room!
  • Fifth grade after the field trip... (+someone who just had to GO)