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About Cami

Hi, my name is Cami (Wells) Dellinger.  I was born May 24, 1970.  I am originally from here but a large portion of my childhood was spent in California.  I came back to Oklahoma in the 10th grade to go to school at Yuba High School.  I graduated from Yuba in 1988.  I married my high school sweetheart  who also graduated from Yuba.  I graduated college from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  I have two kids, Bret and Shelby.  I began teaching at Yuba in 1999; and if you couldn't tell, I take a lot of pride being there!  At the beginning of this school year (2010-2011), I started teaching sixth grade at Achille Elementary.

Besdes teaching I also enjoy watching softball, baseball and basketball games.  I love to read and enjoy sketching.  Normally I enjoy any type of arts and craft type activity.  I like scrapbooking and photography.  I also love to travel and visit new places.  We also like playing games at my house like dominoes, cards and boardgames.  Okay, I will admit we all like a good video game at my house also. I love Rockband and the Wii is awsome!  Our animals are important at my house.  We have a dog named Dawg and four horses.  My husband team ropes although he doesn't rodeo as much as he used to; however, we still enjoy a good roping, rodeo or just riding in the pasture!  

I'm always excited with each new group of students I have each year.  I truly learn something new everyday from them or with them.  I have the best job and I truly enjoy being with my students.  I do expect a lot from my students and always encourage them to do their best.  Respect and fairness are both big factors in my class as well as hard work!  I am planning on having a great year!

If anyone has a question or concern, I can be reached at 283-3002, ext. 248, or send a note with your child and I will get back with you.  I can be reached by email also: