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Happy Thanksgiving We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  We are blessed to live in America and have the freedoms we enjoy.  America has tough challenges ahead, but we still live in the greatest nation in the world.  I hope each of you has plenty of family time and a lot of good food to eat over the break!

Academic Improvement We have made many positive changes to raise our test scores this year.  Mrs. Beene will be implementing other academic reforms as we continue our efforts in this regard.  We have had a steady decline on scores for the past eight years, which took a sharp decline in the 2008-09 school year.  While no single person or group is responsible for our decline, we all must meet the challenge of improving our test scores!  I want to thank each of you that has been involved in tutoring and other extra efforts!

Activities We are very proud of our student achievement in our activities this year.  Our sponsors are doing a great job this year of giving our students the discipline they need to be successful, not only now, but throughout life.

Our Carnival was a big success this year!  There was a $3,000 increase counting the late night addition.  Good Job!

Our Yuba Auction went very well.  Not only did we make almost $45,000 but it was also an important time for many of our patrons and that went well, also.

New Transportation is on the way!  We accepted bids from Ross Transportation in Oklahoma City for three new 71 passenger buses that should be here in mid-December.  We also accepted bids from Larry Dyson in Durant for two new Suburbans and an Ag pick-up that we should get in late January.  We are blessed to have voters that supported this effort.

Our Homecoming is tonight at 5:30 and I hope each of you can come out and support our kids!  Our Achille Alumni has activities tonight at the game and tomorrow in the cafeteria.  Mrs. Anders will be receiving a service award from the Alumni on Saturday.  We all congratulate Mrs. Anders on her outstanding career!

State News I had the opportunity to attend a forum with Dr. Barresi at Durant last week.  We were told there will be no state cuts this year for the first time in four years.  The financial concern on cuts this year and in the future is at the federal level where there are big financial issues!  Anyway, Dr. Barresi did a good job and seems to be adjusting much better with her new position.

Technology We have spent over $20,000 on a new server, software, etc. to update and start a virtual school.  The opportunities are endless and the money should be well spent.

Resignation Barbara Cole has resigned and we appreciate her years of service.  We wish Barbara the very best!

Thanksgiving Dinner We appreciate the efforts of our cooks yesterday in providing a neat fellowship lunch!

Homecoming What a tear jerker; the reunion of Chad Pounds with his little girl, Tristen Power-Pounds in our cafeteria yesterday!  We are thankful for all of the men and women serving our country!  It was also a reminder of how thankful we should be for their families, too.  God Bless America!

Thanks for your service and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Rick  Beene